Dude fits a functional rocket launcher to his sportsbike.

December 14th, 2009

Lane split with confidence!

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Ben Spies’ unusual methods: how to learn a racetrack

September 9th, 2009

Currently leading the World Superbike championship in his first season, Ben Spies has shown an uncanny ability to be instantly competitive at racetracks he’s never even seen before. I tipped him back before the 2009 season started and he looks like he might go on bring home the silverware. An instant force on the world scene, he’s a dead cert for MotoGP, whether it’s 2010 or 2011, where it’d be awesome to watch him take on the Doctor.

But how does he learn racetracks so damn fast? He’s beating some of the best riders in the world, guys who have raced these tracks often enough to know all their ins and outs. Well, finally we know. He explains all in the video below:

I’ll be taking his advice next time I head to the Island for a trackday. Riding a kitten, eh?

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$2400 bolt-on turbo kit turns your Hornet 900/ Honda 919 into a sleeper from hell

June 3rd, 2009


Of all the bikes I’ve owned, the Hornet 900, or Honda 919 as they’re known stateside, stands out as the best all-rounder, a do-everything workhorse that was great for stunting, scratching, touring, commuting and most other things I threw at it, including the odd BMX track. After a while though, the bike’s huge usability had me finding full throttle quite a bit and wondering what it might feel like with a bit more power.

The engine, after all, is a detuned 919cc Fireblade donk with a good 30 horsepower missing from the original due to smaller throttle bodies, smaller valves, cooler cams and lower compression. Many road-testers have complained that it’s a few horsepower off being the hilarious bike it should be.

And while 100-odd horsepower might be an excellent amount for many riders, it’s incredibly exciting and tempting to discover that there’s an effectively bolt-on kit that can boost that figure to somewhere around 140 horses, while putting out more power and torque than a CBR1000RR all the way to the 9.5k redline. For only US$2400. (more …)

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Traction somewhat limited: Yamaha R1 dirtbike

May 11th, 2009

I don’t know anything about the bike in this clip, I don’t know if the makers have put dirtbike suspension on this thing, or just used wheel spacers and caliper brackets to stick dirtbike wheels on it. I don’t know if it’s a hillclimber, a desert racer or just purely for shits ‘n’ giggles. All I know is that it’s an R1 streetfighter with knobblies… And I LIKE IT!

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BMW clearly not messing around with 193-horsepower 2010 S1000RR

May 11th, 2009


…And neither has the German powerhouse decided to take any half-measures with its press kit - we’ve attached it below in all its abundant 43-page glory.

Full details of the 2010 BMW S1000RR have finally been released, and the beemer superbike delivers its butt off on a number of levels.

Firstly, a power figure of 193 horses at the crank (there have been reports of 182hp at the wheel in dyno testing) puts the S1000RR right at the top end of the litrebike class. BMW claims a fully fuelled and road-ready weight of 206.5kg, or 183kg without fuel. The Japanese bikes might look lighter on paper, but they arrive at their figures in a process that’s at best obfuscation and at worst plain shonky. BMW have typically been very honest with their weight figures. Either way, power-to-weight is sky high for a stock bike. (more …)

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Video: incredible radio control bikers ride better than I do

April 27th, 2009

Huge lean angles, powerslides and impressive power wheelies; these radio controlled motorcycle racers are absolutely stunning to watch as they do battle round what I presume is a go-kart track. Get involved at the British Radio Car Association website if you’re interested.

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A look inside the Yamaha V-MAX (cutaway display engine)

April 7th, 2009

Yamaha Australia brought a beautifully made cutaway version of the 2009 V-MAX to the Aussie Motorcycle Expo, and marketing manager Sean Goldhawk was nice enough to talk us through it. Gear porn at its finest! Video by Noel McKeegan.

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Victorian Ride For The Hills this Sunday

March 31st, 2009


The bushfires in Victoria this February cut a path of horrific devastation through the motorcycling playgrounds to the East and North-East of Melbourne. A recent sombre ride through the towns of Healesville, Narbethong, Buxton, Yea, Flowerdale, Kinglake and Chum Creek highlighted for me the random and ferocious force that came through the area on and around Black Saturday.

Nearly two months after the fires, many of these towns are still graveyards of twisted metal, ashen rubble and charred, burned-out cars. The Australian public, and indeed benefactors around the world have raised impressive sums of money to go towards rebuilding, but as frequent and passionate visitors to the area, a group of local motorcyclists has been putting together a mother of a fundraiser ride for this Sunday.

“Ride For The Hills”
Sunday April 5

$20 per rider, $1 per pillion
All proceeds to the Australian Red Cross Victorian Bushfire Appeal Fund

The ride will be both a fundraising event, and a chance for riders to show solidarity and respect to the locals who have welcomed us into their beautiful towns for so many years.

For more details, start points and feeder ride information, see the Ride For The Hills website.

If you can’t attend, but would like to donate to the cause, you can do so directly though the website.

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Sydney’s Superbike Club - membership has its advantages.

March 17th, 2009


Can’t afford a Desmosedici RR? Me neither. I’d bloody love to ride one though, 200 Italian stallions from a GP replica V4 engine… The 990cc, of course, from that time long ago when men were men and MotoGP bikes were actually scary. I can dream, though, of wedging myself into that midget seat, the firm but supple Ohlins suspension, the scrotum-tightening experience of wrenching that terrifying throttle all the way around in fourth, then third, but never first.

Excuse me, just having a moment. Anyway, the point is that there’s a lot of bikes we’d all love to ride, but would never own, either because they’re too niche, or too expensive, too highly strung, too impractical, or too Italian. Which makes Sydney’s Superbike Club such a fascinating idea. A signup fee of AU$1,750, and then AU$7,000 per year thereafter, gives you access to book the Desmosedici RR, as well as a host of other very tasty motorcycles, for a ride whenever you feel like it. (more …)

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Ripper road crash captured on film @ Deal’s Gap

March 13th, 2009


I couldn’t resist posting this series of pics. Guy on a Gixxer6 or 750 overcooks a right-hander at Deal’s Gap USA, slams into a van and loses his “safety sneaker” in the impact. Fantastic case of right place, right time for the photographer… Or then again, did this guy overcook the corner trying to get himself posterized? If so, he might not be that keen on blowing these ones up for his bedroom wall… Great photos!

7-2 (more …)

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