Bugatti Veyron cordially invited to eat Acabion GTBO’s dust


The top speed war is officially over. Motorcycles win.

Acabion’s Hayabusa-powered GTBO road-ready streamliner has taken the velocity crown back from those smug Bugatti Veyron owners in a pretty comprehensive fashion and placed it back into the rightful ownership of us bike nuts. For a bargain price of only EUR540,000 (US$790,000) you can now buy yourself a vehicle that will easily eclipse the Bugatti’s 250mph top speed - using less than 20% throttle. Take that, MadMadMark007.

The Acabion GTBO features a turbocharged ‘Busa engine tuned to the gills and belting out anywhere from 354 to 750 horsepower. Its power-to-weight ratio (between 1000 and 2000 horsepower per tonne) and its bullet-like aerodynamics allow it to hit an electronically limited top speed of 340mph… Using only half throttle. That’s near as damn to 550kmh in the new money, or a little over 150 metres every second. God only knows where you can buy tyres rated for that sort of speed, and you’d best leave your passport in the glovebox in case you hit a pebble and need to catch a plane back home.

You should be a reasonable chance at the traffic-light drag races too, because if you gun it and that poor, tortured rear tyre hooks up, the designers claim you should be able to hit 300mph in under 30 seconds. In other words, there’s no vehicle better than a GTBO if you really want to GTFO.


I’m not sure at which point vehicles like this stop being marvels of engineering and wander into the realms of pure ridicule - I mean, this one’s got training wheels. Very spiffy looking electronic ones that pop down to keep things in line at low speeds, but they’re training wheels nonetheless, so expect a wedgie from the kids at school. And I wonder whether there’s anywhere short of a salt flat where you can hit 340mph with even the most cursory nod to your own safety.

If you want to read more about the Acabion’s fuel economy, low-speed electric drive, impressive storage space, ease of maintenance and EUR100,000 standard sound system, check out Serious Wheels. If, like me, you’re more interested in seeing proof of the company’s eyebrow-raising velocity claims, you’ll have to wait until somebody independant of the company (thebikergene comes to mind) gets a test ride. I’ll be waiting by the phone.

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27 Responses to “Bugatti Veyron cordially invited to eat Acabion GTBO’s dust”

  1. sussie Says:

    it is very nice

  2. Matt Says:

    Hmmmm…maybe not. The actual Land Speed Record for a motorcycle is a hair over 350, and I’m sure that was at full throttle, and that it had more than a modified Hayabusa engine. However, the old record WAS a Hayabusa powered streamliner, and it did 342. But again, these are 20 foot long streamliners.

    Edna: Seymour, you have to think of the children’s future.
    Seymour: Oh, Edna. We all know that these children HAVE no future.
    [Everyone stops and stares at Seymour.]
    Seymour: Prove me wrong children. Prove me wrong.

    Curiously, Matt

  3. Loz Says:

    But was it a production machine Matt? Like the Veyron, this mental jigger will be available on a showroom floor somewhere, capable of these speeds straight out of the crate. What I didn’t realise was that it would come so close to the outright land speed record for motorcycles… Wow.

  4. Matt Says:


    These are the best numbers I could find:

    old record 342 mph Hayabusa based engines (3?) 900 horsepower claimed

    most recent record 350mph 3000cc custom made engine (not based on production engine), 425hp

    Now that’s a weird combination, 3000cc and 425 hp, but there must be some good reason for it. Maybe greater reliability with a lower stressed engine.

    Anyway, my real point is that with anywhere from 425 to 900 hp you can go very fast, but you need a fully streamlined purpose-built motorcycle to do it. To imagine that any motorcycle would appear on a “showroom floor” and even begin to approach 250 is a little ridiculous. Tires alone would put a stop to something trying to go 250mph, never mind 350mph! You can’t buy that sort of tire just anywhere, and to read the story about the Hayabusa engined model, sometimes it’s hard to just find those type of tires (at any price).

    Top speed claims, with accompanying throttle position claims, are just a lot of chest-puffing, but I’ll be happy to eat these words if I’m wrong!


  5. Matt Says:


    You’re not really believing this, are you? Chances are that poor translations on the home web site merely confused kph with mph. 340kph=212.5mph. That’s a little more believable, although production was supposed to have started in April 2006. Gee, I wonder what’s taking so long?



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  7. Dave "Dogbreath" Says:

    How can you call this a motorcycle, when it has 4 wheels? They do register golf carts as motorcycles in some places. I would never ride a motorcycle with “training wheels” just for the record. Speaking of record, there is a place called Bonneville Salt Flats in Nevada, USA. where full throttle runs are encouraged. Seek sponsorship from one of the big tire manufacturer’s (if you can get them to stop laughing at the training wheels). Talk is cheap, back up your claim Mai I suggest that you poke some “leg holes” in the belly of this thing? Get rid of the “training wheels”, then, call it a motorcycle.

  8. Says:

    Bugatti Veyron cordially invited to eat Acabion GTBO’s dust

    The top speed war is officially over. Motorcycles win.

    Acabion’s Hayabusa-powered GTBO road-ready streamliner has taken the velocity crown back from those smug Bugatti Veyron owners in a pretty comprehensive fashion and placed it back into the right…

  9. Larry Says:

    Too right Dave, this hardly looks like a motorcycle to me. Four wheels and a full body shell? all they have done is made an even faster car to beat. As for the top speed war being officially over, I think not.

  10. Loz Says:

    Fair call lads. I’d still like a crack at one!

  11. Muck Says:

    I’d like to see you countersteer in a car, I bet this bike still does. When it’s going fast, it is a motorcycle.. if the little wheels were down still at top speed, then it would indeed be a car.

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  13. Rollinfast&savinGas Says:

    While i am doubtful of this bikes 300+mph claimed top speed, the veyron and pretty much all 1000+hp cars have been food to just about any turbo bike making atleast 350rwhp. Turbo busa’s can range anywhere from 250 (stage 1 kits) to over 500hp and yes, they do put that power down to the ground on DOT approved tires at the dragstrip let along a top speed event or highway. Maxton and Texas mile events have a few Street legal t-busa’s that have done 250mph. Most notable being the yancy’s turbo busa which did 260mph at maxton. These are 1 mile runs starting from a dead stop. Over in the uk another T-busa holds a record of 265mph in street trim. On the majority of todays roads and highways though whoevers quicker to just 180 let along 200+mph will win most highway encounters. There’s vid on youtube of a 2006 R1 running with a bugatti veyron and Porsche Carrera GT. Keeps with the cars well till they finally find stretches of road to go over 180mph and start leaving the bike which is only 2 or 3 times. Otherwise in the bends, entrance ramps and runs up to 160 before letting off for traffic the bike is on their tail easy. He could have pulled a “ghost rider” and cut between traffic leaving the supercars behind for good but he was filming nice footage from his tankcam. :)

  14. God Says:

    This my friends is called Vaporware.

    Cars still have and will always have the final word in top speed. Bikes have too much drag, period.

    You may say that “bikes” like this one could eclipse cars, but streamlined items like this are not motorcycles, no more than the Jet Powered land speed cars are “cars”. If you want to say that this is a bike, then the “Thrust SuperSonic” can be called a car and has you beat by a few hundred miles per hour.

  15. joe bloe Says:


    Not a motorcycle??? So I guess at low speeds and at stops when you put your legs down, then your motorcycle ceases to be a motorcycle too huh??

    Personally I would love to “fly” something like this if given a chance… My only concern is cornering something that is stretched out like that. I can’t wait to get one though.

  16. mole Says:

    all i want to know is where to send the check?

  17. Yom Umablosme Says:

    So many people in denial here, sorry lads but this has a motorcycle swing arm, a motorcycle rear frame, a motorcycle (Hayabusa ) turbo charged engine and it has two wheels (and stabilisers).

    If you think them stabilisers are wheels youve got to be ***king stupid, like them stabilisers do anything more than hold the thing up rite. Just like a motorcycles side car would or the riders feet would.

    Everything about this has been based around a motorcycle and if you still want to be retarded about it, the official land speed record ever done on two wheels without stabilisers is a bloody Hayabusa anyway which does just 2mph slower than this and would still shit on the likes of a Ultima and a Bugatti Veron as well, and yes its road legal.

    To them idiots who are trying to point out that it has for wheels so its a car??? Does that mean your children’s peddle bikes are cars when you put stabilisers on it to teach them to ride?? My what intelligent parents you must be!

    This bike is now in production

  18. frank Says:

    Please give top gear a bugatti veyron i really look forward to that moment!

  19. dacius1 Says:

    A child’s bike uses stabilizers as a learning tool to later be removed. The stabilizers on this bike are permenant fixtures mounted to the frame. Your comparison is very poor.

    I am an avid rider and I personally do not consider this vehicle a motorcycle. It looks awesome and I would definetely give one a go if the opportunity arose. But in no way can that compare to a motorcycle.

    Motorcycle’s do not have cockpits. You cannot air condition the cabin of a motorcycle. You can on that. While I do not consider it a car, I would argue there are more similarities to a car than to a motorcycle.

    To say it’s underpinnings are of motorcycle origins is also a vague stretch. This vehicle has been so grossly modified from it’s origins that arguement holds no water.

    I am not downign this vehicle. It is beautiful, original and looks to be a hell of a ride.

  20. Grant Connor Says:

    The State of New York would call it a motorcycle for license and registration.
    It is a recumbent, fully faired motorcycle - landing gear or not. The same developments have been taking place with scooters (Craig Vetter’s Helix) and bicycles (IHPVA). A more likely application will be a 50cc hybrid with front canards that gets 500 mpg highway and sells for $10,000 USD. Why wait around, build your own!

  21. The Anonymous Poster Says:

    >>A child’s bike uses stabilizers as a learning tool to later be removed. The stabilizers on this bike are permenant fixtures mounted to the frame. Your comparison is very poor.

    The stabilizers retract at speed. This is nothing like a child’s training wheels.

    This is not a new concept. Peraves has been doing thing for some time using BMW engines

  22. anon dude Says:

    the fastest motorcycle in the world went 360 so i doubt it can go even 300. plus they are far more dangerous than a car going those speeds and it is suicide to try it! the retard that thought it could go 350+, should have a swift kick in the nuts

  23. anon dude Says:

    has the speed been proven?

  24. bobobobobobobobobobobob Says:

    i ha got the bugatti veyron 2012 and a acabion gtbo and a ssc ultimate aero

  25. oldalchemist Says:

    my generation, as ww2 survivors made toys out of gasoline wing-tip tanks and belly tanks for price of scrap alum and other misc war surplus stuff. $100 to tops 1000. except when equipt with scale prototype stove pipe jet kerosene burner. various tires/wheel combos off carrier a/c , etc were cheeep but…….ck salt flat records… but newbies are prettier . if i could get my old fractured frame into a bugatti it sure would cut down on my death taxes and probably stimulate the economy better than the thieving government. i think my greatgrandson wants one for christmas, ho ho ho.

  26. Graeme Posker Says:

    It is a motorcycle,as others have alluded too,once the vehicle gets above steerable(slow/upright) speed,and transitions to countersteering(moving/leaning) speed,the stabilisers retract and it becomes a powered two wheeled single track vehicle-or a “Motorcycle” to us regular slobs.
    Actually,the thing is quite similar to the old Ecomobile from Switzerland. They used stock 80’s BMW K100 or K1100 motors which were usually limited to no more than 100BHP, not exactly a match to the GTBO in the power/speed game.

  27. MEEEEEEEE =D Says:

    I dont really agree to this cuz than this motorcycle will be in Guiness World Records.

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