Design students shoehorn 85cc engine into mental mountainbike

KX85 engine in a mountain bike

A couple of Industrial Design students from Colorado have come up with this little beastie, which combines the feisty Kwaka KX85 engine with the geometry, suspension and light weight of a mountainbike. And when I say light weight, I’m talking in the region of 125lbs, or just under 57 kilos.

Inspired by the fxbikes 50cc downhill MTB, these guys were left a little flat by the slow and heavy XR50 motor the company decided to go with, and thought the livelier KX engine would be a good fit for purpose.

“Project M85,” as the prototype is known, is not a trials bike, it’s not really a trail bike and it’s not a downhill mountainbike - what it is, however, is something in between, and it looks like a blast to ride. Check out the entire design process and videos of this fun little machine over at the Aprilia Forums.

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7 Responses to “Design students shoehorn 85cc engine into mental mountainbike”

  1. Erik Says:

    I applaud the effort but there’s no way I ever want to run into someone on one of these out on the trails I ride.

  2. Charles Says:

    I like your site. Some excellent featured bikes on here. I wish you much luck with it, and hope many will come to read it.

    This is an amazing bike, by the way. I can imagine few better means of urban transportation - a market that I believe will grow exponentially in the future.

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  4. phillip Says:

    Where can I get one in Australia?

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  6. stu Says:

    that is F*****g brilliant lol

  7. Thiago Davis Says:

    Can I have one please.

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