LSL shows Kawasaki how the ER-6n SHOULD look


Just last weekend, I had my first ride of a friend’s stock Kawasaki ER-6n, and it confirmed my high expectations from this cheap naked hooligan bike. The new-generation 650cc parallel twin engine is everything you’d want around town and more - and it’s very handy around a racetrack as well, I’m reliably informed. Handling-wise it was fantastic (at least around town), and the rear shock is so accessible that we replaced it and the exhaust with aftermarket jobbies in the space of about 75 minutes - so it’s an exceptionally easy bike to work on.

You’d have to say, though, that it’s one of the uglier bikes out there - Kawasaki have tried so hard to be different with the ER-6n’s blobby samurai look that I reckon they’ve overstepped the mark. Which was why I was so excited to find LSL’s ER6 showbike, with all the bulbous plastic yanked off the front and sides and a much more minimal look that to me says “essence of motorcycle.”


The German tuners have junked the side panels altogether and the chunky headlight assembly’s been tossed and replaced with a Brutale-like headlight unit from Yamaha’s MT-03. That’s a Remus exhaust, Fazer 1000 forks and a WP rear shock. One of the front discs has gone - to go with the supermoto-style look LSL was shooting for, and the other is now grabbed by a 6-piston Nissin racing caliper, so it’s likely lost little stopping power. Naturally, the bike sports LSL’s MX handlebars, and it’s also got multi-adjustable rearsets and all sorts of other goodies.

The ugly, protruding stock instrument panel actually looks quite cool where LSL have relocated it - off a custom bracket that bolts to the fuel filler cap.

At the end of the day, you could make a budget version of this custom just using the MT-03 headlight, some aftermarket blinkers and the filler cap instrument mount, and you’d solve 95% of the bike’s identity issues in one fell swoop. It’s worth noting that LSL have also squeezed a good 20% more power out of the engine, which is said to produce around 72 horsepower stock. It feels faster than that to ride - such a light bike, it wheelies merrily on an enthusiastic throttle in first and picks up speed much quicker than you’d expect.

If you can read German, you can learn more about the LSL ER6 supermoto, including a full parts list, at - or try deciphering the delightful Google translation, which contains possibly the most enlightening sentence I’ve ever read: “Quasi with six-pack against all prosperity bacon!

Photos and story via and Sabine Welte.

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6 Responses to “LSL shows Kawasaki how the ER-6n SHOULD look”

  1. den Says:

    That is way more like it, without the hot-up mods the stripped down Kwaka could actually be made cheaper by the factory. There are many so-called naked bikes out there now that are just a little too pudgy and plasticy for my liking and this custom is restoring at least some of the balance. Nice work

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  3. toki Says:

    Has anyone backed up the full parts list on The article no longer exists.

    I just got my brand new ER6N last week, and it’s amazing seeing this brand new ER6N designed by LSL.
    I want to get the full parts list as a reference for modifying my bike.

  4. daz Says:

    hi guys i have an orange er 6 n have put some blk bar end mirrors black twin spots tail tidy need some more low cost ideas to make her a street gighter pics soon to follow

  5. daz Says:

    hi m8 got an er 6 and street fightering it jus wondering wot mods uv done on coolent header tank as it is in the right side pannel

  6. wayfastfarmer Says:

    that completly ruined a beautiful bike…

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