The world’s most expensive motorcycle?

Ecosse Titanium Series 1

If you’re the kinda guy that drives a Reventon, won’t tap on a laptop unless it’s a Luvaglio, and only sails Mangusta, then… Can I borrow some money? Er, also, have I got the motorcycle for you! It’s called the Ecosse Titanium Series - so called because it sports the world’s first all-titanium frame.

The brainchild of American (who would have guessed?) Donald Atchison, every single detail of this muscular roadster screams “you can’t afford me!” - from the 2150cc polished billet aluminium v-twin donk, to the MotoGP-spec Ohlins bouncy bits at either end, to the radially-mounted 6-pot billet ISR front brake calipers - with an individual brake pad for each of the 12 pistons. The mind boggles, then boggles again.

After the jump is a photograph of a frame tube, steering stem, triple clamps and forks. It nearly makes me burst into tears, like the first time I heard Stevie Wonder singing “Lately.” Is it wise to admit that here? I don’t know - but I’m not sure I’ve ever felt this way about a frame tube before.

Ecosse Titanium Series 6

The overall look is perhaps not as stirring as some of the details, although it’s nice and hairy and masculine in an “MT-01 seduces Ducati Sportclassic with lots of jewellery” kind of way. The kitchen-sink fitment probably doesn’t help - 12-way adjustable footpegs, gel seats to coddle the ‘tocks, adjustable seat height and tuneable throttle travel understandably tend to add up to a slightly busy picture. But zoom in a little closer, and there’s all sorts of little treats to enjoy, like the machined brake reservior/switchblock below. It gives me tingles. Click to zoom:

Ecosse Titanium Series 7

That monstrous, gleaming engine (imagine the size of the piston bores… you could curl up and go to sleep in one!) hammers out in excess of 200 horsepower, and a caravan-pulling 210 ft-lbs of torque… Too much power for a naked bike? I’m not sure, I think I’ll have to ride one to make up my mind. Can somebody arrange that for me? Quickly if possible, there’s only 10 to be made.

The price? Well, it’s US$275,000.00 - which I agree might sound a touch on the unreasonable side, given that Ducati’s Desmosedici RR GP replica only costs about US$65,000, and has the ability to go around corners exceptionally fast. However, Ecosse have offered to sweeten the deal by throwing in a free (and very spiffy) watch with every Ecosse Titanium Series sold - so, frankly, it’s a bit of a bargain if you don’t have a watch. And if that doesn’t convince you, here’s another angle on those mouth-watering triple clamps:

Ecosse Titanium Series 10

You can purchase the Ecosse Titanium Series from the good burghers at, to whom we owe picture credits and probably an apology for maybe not taking this bike as seriously as we could. But then we’re not the target market. Incidentally, if anyone out there happens to know somebody who buys one of these, please put them in touch with us - we’d dearly love to hear about the Ecosse ownership experience.

Full specifications for this epic machine can be found here, and the down-at-heel can take a look at some of Ecosse’s “budget” models at the Ecosse Moto website.

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17 Responses to “The world’s most expensive motorcycle?”

  1. broke myducati Says:

    id like one thanks can you deliver it im down under my 916 s4 monster has had a tanty and broken it chain and axel tensioner so im not going to be able to ride it for a while what with the expense of needing a new chain sprockets and rego /insurance is now due any help would be great ………

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  3. Crash Dan Says:

    Nobody but a VRUB (very rich urban biker) or a rock-star could afford one of these, but then why would you want to? These are wicked ugly pieces of c##p. Hope it was a Rolex encrusted with diamonds for that price!!

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  5. Says:

    The world’s most expensive motorcycle?

    If you’re the kinda guy that drives a Reventon, won’t tap on a laptop unless it’s a Luvaglio, and only sails Mangusta, then… Can I borrow some money? Er, also, have I got the motorcycle for you! It’s called the Ecosse Titanium Series - so cal…

  6. Old Biker Says:

    Usually the most expensive machine is also beautiful but this thing just looks crude. It has no style at all. It’s just a lot of expensive parts cobbled together.

  7. George Beasley Says:

    So, for another $25K will they wrap it up in a carbon fiber body?

  8. William Shatner Says:

    Well, my mate Jay Leno loves it. It screams wealth & exclusivity at the expense of taste and common sense.

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  11. ben Says:

    jo wat a verry stupide bicicle yo yo jou can get de tering

  12. haha Says:

    ben: dont joe tink joe neet moor englis sgool? i will look it troew the fingers dis tiem!

  13. lukumus Says:

    275k, how f***ing stupid. It is a motorcycle not an island in the tropics.

  14. Delboy Says:

    Looks good but not as good as a Ducati - and a GP replica is less than half this price - you can then spend 400 Euro on a Technomarine “Abyss” Orange face watch proof to 10,000 meters!

  15. xam Says:

    going with the rolex back wheels front

  16. robin yates Says:

    more money than sense comes to mind,,, the Ducati is better in everyway

  17. Fred Dog Says:

    And I thought Harleys’ were overpriced !!!!!! Holy S*#^ I guess I’ll stick with my 07 FLSTN and buy my own watch thank you.

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