Maico releases a 685cc, 80hp, 101kg 2-stroke for 2009. I just want my mummy.


One of my formative motorcycling experiences, and it wasn’t all that long ago, was being given a 500cc 2-stroke dirtbike for the afternoon by a bunch of smirking friends. A Kawasaki KX500, I believe it was. This was the second time I’d ever ridden a dirtbike, mind you, the first being earlier that day on a friendly little XR250.

Without going into too much detail, I have never been so terrified on a motorcycle in all my life, and I’ve ridden hundreds of ‘em. The mere thought of that ball-tearing smoker going sideways under me in the middle of an unintentional wheelstand is enough to bring on a cold sweat - and I love a wheelie as much as the next bloke. Those things are absolute animals.

The big strokers seem to be a dying breed - due to difficulties in emissions tuning, they say - and while I’m perfectly happy never to ride another, there’s plenty of psychotic powerband junkies out there who will nearly wet themselves to discover that Maico has announced a full 2-stroke lineup for 2009, include 250cc, 320cc, 500cc, 620cc and the big daddy of them all, a 685cc widowmaker that makes a hideous 80 horsepower and weighs only 101kg.

I’m going to hide behind this tree while you read the specifications. Don’t bring that thing anywhere near me.

Model: 685 Cross
Cooling: Water Inlet system: Reed walve system Exhaust system: S.E.E.S. exhaust system Cylinder capacity: 685ccm Measures: 100 x 87mm KW/horsepower: 60/82 Caburator: BING 55/44-205 Transmission: 5 speed gearbox Ignition: PVL digital Frame: Chrom Molybdän Front fork: White Power Upside Down 48 mm Front brake: Brembo with 260 mm Wave disc Front wheel travel: 305mm Front rim: 1.6 - 21 Front tyres: 80/100 _ 21 Rear suspension: Maico Twin Link with Reiger shock Rear brake: Brembo with 220 mm wave disc Rear rim: 2.15 - 18 Rear tyres: 120/100 - 18 Tank: 9,5 Liter Wheel base: 1480 mm Ground clearance: 388mm Seat height: 960mm Weight: 101 kg 

More info at Moto Magazine. I don’t know where you can get ‘em, and I don’t wanna know!

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11 Responses to “Maico releases a 685cc, 80hp, 101kg 2-stroke for 2009. I just want my mummy.”

  1. Grimturtle Says:

    Oh man I hear you there! My first time riding a dirt bike was only a few months ago on my mate’s 2stroke CR500. I was so scared to open the throttle that I just cruised around in 2nd most of the time. To make matters worse, for the life of me I couldn’t get it kick-started cos it’s a big 500 and i’m a short little man :)

    Needless to say I never want to ride a big 2 stroke or a big dirt bike again, or at least not until I have several years dirt experience under my belt…I would never want to even get near that 685cc beast just in case it spat a cylinder at me or something.

  2. Sir Skuffy Says:

    Hey Loz

    The high-capacity 2-strokes have been around for some time now. They were (until recent times) dominating the Desert races in the US for a very long time. The Maico in your Blog has been around for about 4 to 5 years now - in various forms and always with the big-motor. The true potential of these bikes is amazing in the right place and more importantly with the right rider.

    To say they are scary is an understatement. The do have bottom end performance with a heavy fly-wheel but when they hit the “power band” which is controlled by the power-valve - look out - they are a handfull and require an agressive, confident and strong rider.

    There is nothing more exciting than blasting through the desert, the bush and loamy tracks on a big-bore 2 stroke. I have owned a CR500 in a CR250 alloy chasis that out out 72HP at the rear wheel. i used this for 1 season for Supermotard - what a bike, what a weapon and what fun.

    Until you have ridden one, you just dont know what your missing.

    Ahhhh, to dream of one of these road registered on the Black Spur, the GOR or even the Snowies……

  3. uuhh...elle est ou la limite? - M4E Says:

    […] ca se ressemble pas mal, mais checkez ca…. Maico releases a 685cc, 80hp, 101kg 2-stroke for 2009. I just want my mummy.

  4. uuhh...elle est ou la limite? - M4E Says:

    […] ca se ressemble pas mal, mais checkez ca…. Maico releases a 685cc, 80hp, 101kg 2-stroke for 2009. I just want my mummy.

  5. uuhh...elle est ou la limite? - M4E Says:

    […] ca se ressemble pas mal, mais checkez ca…. Maico releases a 685cc, 80hp, 101kg 2-stroke for 2009. I just want my mummy.

  6. Dave Begotka Says:

    All I can say is PIKES PEAK!!

  7. Maico760 Says:

    The 685cc is obtainable from the factory in Germany

    or the reseller in the UK.

    In the United States dirt bike manufacturer ATK -

    Uses the 685 engine in their own “ATK Intimidator 700 model” which retails for about 10grand. Maico has been making these near 700cc engines since around 2004 or 2005.

    There is another company which does create a 700cc engine based on the old Maico 490 as well for cart racing. This has been made by Zabel since the late 80s I believe. You can purchase the motor from their website.
    (Click the flag on the side menu to convert to english)

    The original Maico manufacturers did create 3-5 factory Maico 760cc engines in the late 70s/early 80s for a certain Enduro competition. The bike was governed to only rev to 4000 RPM though since they took an existing engine and just bored the crap out of it for attempting these races. You can read more on that bike here:

  8. patrick Says:

    where can i find out about the 500 and 700 maico,pricess for both bikes and who are the dealers for maico in western aust. i own a 490 sandspider.cheers

  9. dean Says:

    ha you bunch of pussy’s,, that is a awsome bike the only thing i can see wrong is that there is no compliance plate and there for cant be registed.. i own a HONDA CRE 500 E for enduro apprently full ADR compliant moto croser.. now this is a awsome bike,,four strokes suck… and all i have to do is change a piston and ring every now and again which takes all of a hour,, no bent valves no expensive head rebuilds etc etc,, just poor a bit of oil in with the fuel and throw rocks at four strokes that cant keep up…lmao… and ive just put motard wheels on this bike and man it is quick through corners… look out mister 600 road bikes ill see ya at the other end of the twisties..


  10. simon Says:

    i have riden KTM’S from 300cc to 550cc and would love to ride a 685cc 2 stroke offroad m\cycle, it must go like hell

  11. willie hayes Says:

    slap an extended swing arm and paddle tire on that maico and hold on tight, to climb any hill

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