A quick look at Voxan’s French V-twin range and the Starck Super Naked concept

Voxan Xv by Stark 1

French manufacturer Voxan has a stable full of nice 1000cc V-twins that we don’t get to see a lot of in other parts of the world. The Voxan rage was looking very delectable at the Paris bike show, so we thought we’d run a quick overview of the current range and a couple of upcoming and custom bikes like the Starck Super Naked above to show you what you’re missing out on if Voxan’s not sold in your area.

At the heart of most of the range is Voxan’s own 998cc, 72-degree liquid-cooled V-twin, fed by Magnetti Marelli injection. France imposes a frankly disgraceful 100-horsepower limit on all roadbikes, so that’s what the French retail versions of all Voxan bikes put out. Certainly the engine is capable of plenty more, and I’d imagine there’s a thriving derestriction industry ready to juice them up fresh from the showroom.

First up, there’s the Black Classic about, with lines not dissimilar to Ducati’s 1000 Sport:

Black Classic

Next there’s the Cafe Racer, which has been the company’s flagship model in Europe. Certainly a unique look:


Cashing in on the Steve McQueen-style scrambler fever that’s been picked up by a lot of manufacturers lately, Voxan built its own Scrambler and released it in Europe in 2001 (USA in 2002). Tough-looking bit of kit:


Released as a concept bike in 2005, the Voxan Charade Racer is now available. It’s based on the Black Classic, but includes classic racer-style fairings, twin underseat Remus exhausts, and much higher-spec running gear including Paioli USD forks, Marchesini rims, a BOS shock and Beringer brakes with sexy anodised levers.


The 1200cc GTV1200 Grigio has been a while in coming. Reminiscent of the Guzzi Norge and Moto Morini Granpasso, it’s a big chuggy tourer with lots of luggage space. The round headlight in the picture below has apparently been ditched for a twin-headlight version that’s a bit more generic after too many negative comments on the concept sketches.


And finally there’s the headline photo, which shows what French designer Phillippe Starck has done with the Voxan 1200cc engine. The Cafe Racer Super Naked weighs in at 180kg and puts out 140hp, which should make it a very jolly ride - but it’s the snub-nosed looks that will make it or break it for most folk. Coming off like a sawn-off SuperDuke, the Super Naked epitomises the minimalist look - and I must admit I’m a fan of removing as much crap from bikes as is practical. It’s just a prototype for the moment; here’s hoping this bulldog brawler makes it to the showrooms.

Voxan Xv by Stark 2

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  2. MT JOE Says:

    Not something I would enjoy riding all bent over.

  3. robin,quezon.ph Says:

    a cafe racer is a name for modern day streetfighters,,,,,,,,,,, if you ride one you sit like that to get your profile low down to cut drag

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