Street Triple ‘R’ announced with Daytona-spec brakes and suspension


Although Triumph’s 675cc Street Triple has already laid waste to everything it’s been tested against in the middleweight naked category - and indeed, a lot of larger bikes - Triumph has announced it will be joined by an up-spec ‘R’ version for 2009 that promises a harder performance edge.

It’s a simple and logical upgrade for the Striple, incorporating the thicker, fully-adjustable USD forks and excellent rear monoshock from the donor Daytona 675, as well as the 4-piston brake calipers, radial master cylinder and larger discs that give the Daytona its stopping power. The seat’s a bit higher and the handlebars are spiffy Magura units - and those are about the only differences. The engine is left untouched.

There has been very few complaints about the brakes and suspension on the standard Striple, so you’d have to assume the main benefit of the R upgrade is the ability to fiddle with the settings - a great addition if you know what you’re doing, but also a huge invitation for novice tweakers to completely ruin the ride quality of their bikes by turning all the dials to 11 in search of fully sick race bike handling.

If you’re tossing up between the Striple and the R, I’d recommend you take the price difference (as yet unannounced but probably about halfway between the standard street triple and the 675 Daytona) and consider what sort of aftermarket suspension mods or professional suspension tuning you could buy for the money - because most people would probably get a better setup out of aftermarket gear set up by pros than higher-spec OEM bouncy bits, and the standard Street Triple is already an outstanding bike.

Full press release follows:


Street Triple R: Like the Street Triple, but harder…

Following on from the phenomenally successful Street Triple, Triumph is introducing a new, higher-specification version for 2009 - the Street Triple R.

With the Street Triple already regarded as the class-leading middleweight streetfighter, the ‘R’ is not a bike for shrinking violets… version takes the standard bike and adds a whole heap of attitude

The new Street Triple R comes brimming with race track technology. Fully-adjustable 41mm USD forks and a top-spec rear monoshock unit with piggy back reservoir deliver sublime handling, while radially mounted four-piston calipers grab the twin 308mm brake discs and ensure the Street Triple R stops as well as it goes.

At the heart of Street Triple R is the Street Triple’s highly acclaimed fuel-injected 675cc three-cylinder unit, producing 108ps at 11,700rpm, while its fully adjustable sports suspension and powerful four-piston radial brakes are derived from the award-winning Daytona 675.

The new Street Triple R has been designed to rival traditional Supersport machines with its superlative handling and stunning stopping power, while offering the comfort and attitude of a streetfighter.

The sporty feel is completed with wide, tapered aluminium handlebars from Magura and a 5mm taller seat height that puts the Street Triple R rider in the perfect position to attack the twisty stuff or cut its way through the urban jungle.

The result is a motorcycle that can be finely tuned for all road and track conditions, offering a plush ride tailored to the individual rider, while bearing more than a passing resemblance to its famous big brother, Triumph’s mighty Speed Triple.

Completing the Street Triple R’s distinctive look are two all-new exclusive colour schemes: Matt Graphite with orange graphics and Matt Blazing Orange with grey graphics. Both colour options are further enhanced by black anodised forks and a two-tone black and graphite seat.

Price and availability on the Street Triple R are TBA.

Key features at a glance:

  • Fully adjustable suspension front and rear
  • Powerful four-piston Nissin radial calipers and radial master cylinder front brakes
  • Smooth and torquey 108ps 675cc three-cylinder engine
  • Magura tapered aluminium handlebars for genuine streetfighter look
  • Full range of Triumph accessories allows riders to tailor bike to individual tastes
  • Two-tone black and graphite seat
  • Exclusive new colour schemes: Matt Graphite with orange decals and Matt Blazing Orange with grey decals
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2 Responses to “Street Triple ‘R’ announced with Daytona-spec brakes and suspension”

  1. Accident last night... V3.0 destroyed. - Page 15 - Says:

    […] Street and Daytona. It looks like I’ll be selling the Mazda next year- I need one of these bikes. Street Triple ‘R’ announced with Daytona-spec brakes and suspension

  2. Steve Says:


    Looking to perhaps get one, but I do understand the throttle can be a bit snatchy. That is one of my main concerns for riding through London in busy traffic and accidently shunting the car in front because of too much input.

    Wondered if anyone has any experiences of this.

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