AutoMoto’s 85mpg, roofed tilting 3-wheeler goes on sale soon - and it’s cheap!


While Sidam’s Xnovo tilting scoot with twin rear wheels doesn’t seem to have hit the market yet, this similar jigger is apparently already in production, with several units built and a warehouse you can visit in California if you want to see them in the flesh. The AutoMoto adds a roof and windshield to a regular scooter body, adds a 4-speaker MP3 sound system and a nice big trunk, and then sticks an extra wheel on the back for stability.


Unlike the Xnovo, which has twin tilting rear wheels, the AutoMoto mounts both rear wheels and the 150cc engine on a platform that stays parallel to the road as the cabin leans left and right above it. This keeps the cabin section quite light and easy to balance. When parked, the cabin tilt can be locked.

Clearly built for practicality and economy, the Honda-designed 150cc engine typically returns about 80-85mpg - better than many hybrids - and conservative use can boost mileage up toward 100mpg. The AutoMoto will happily cruise around town, its CVT keeping revs at peak torque, or max out at around 65mph on the freeway. Storage space is impressive for a 2-seater, although there’s clearly an opportunity to build a single seater with an enormous luggage capacity down the track. Considering the number of “where can I buy one” comments we received on the Xnovo, that would seem to be worth pursuing.


The best thing about the AutoMoto is the price - US$3,800. Considering that the Xnovo was looking more like US$10,000, and this actually exists,  that’s quite an achievement. Would we buy one? Nah, we get our giggles from fun factor, handling and hooliganism - but with its little windshield wiper pumping, some nice tunes on the stereo, no helmet (in some states, where it can be ridden on a car license) and standard ABS, it would sure be comfy in bad weather.


More pictures follow - get over to the AutoMoto website for more info. Warning: contains gratuitous Shania Twain. Ugh.






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21 Responses to “AutoMoto’s 85mpg, roofed tilting 3-wheeler goes on sale soon - and it’s cheap!”

  1. Gen Kanai Says:

    There is absolutely nothing special about this vehicle. Honda sells the 50cc Gyro-X by the tens of thousands in Japan.

    Essentially the same machine.

  2. Loz Says:

    Well there you go… Honda has sold several hundred thousand of the Gyro bike platform, primarily due to their carrying capabilities it seems, since 1982. And I’ve never heard of them!

    Thanks for the links Gen!

  3. Tim Says:

    Gen -
    i checked out your link to the Honda Gyro and you’re totally right about the tilting technology being around for over 20 years now - good catch. Even so, I’m surprised to see you say that there’s nothing special about this vehicle as it looks to me to be lightyears ahead of the Gyro with an improved design and up to date features, wouldn’t you agree? I would totally drive one of these, I wish they were around when I got my scooter.

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  5. Adam Says:

    I don’t see any resemblance between the two, i just looked at the link for the gyro and the only thing in common is the tilting ability, not to mention the design looks like it was from the 70’s they need to get with the times. I think that someone should have come out with something like this along time ago and maybe all these big auto manufacturers wouldn’t be in a position now where they are begging for money from congress. These guys should do fine with the low msrp that they set and US economy being where its at. Just my two cents.

  6. mg Says:

    BIG difference between the two…they dont market it here

  7. Louise Farley Says:

    Where can I get one of the Automoto. Would be perfect here.

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  9. Norm Says:

    I’m a senior citizen who has been driving cycles all of my life. This seems to be just what I’m looking for at my age.

  10. Mike Prosser Says:

    We will be selling them in a few weeks. We are based in Wisconsin, but can ship anywhere. 866-820-7243

  11. joao geraldo abussafi Says:

    please need ++ information tkts

  12. Davey D. Says:

    Big differance in the honda, it cant get up to highway speed, Looking for a retailer in the northeast, would love to rest drive. Summer gas prices are coming to us.

  13. J Fry Says:

    The biggest difference is Honda is of the highest quality and reliability, period. This other piece is a Chinese piece of crap. Most Chinese bikes, motorcycles, ATVs have a life span of just a couple of years then they fall apart. No pride in China manufacturing. They are just taking the American dollar and laughing their ass off. They also steal intellectual property with total disregard of international law. Should never be trusted. If you buy enjoy the lead paint.

  14. Ivor Williams Says:

    Read with interest tilting scooters enclossed cabins . seem to remmeber
    B S A of U/K having a tilting open scooter in the 60s. called Airial. total failure. didnt have the technology in those days but now differant I Guess.
    I would love one. Don’t supose they will ever get to New Zealand. ( BSA s use of the name Airial shamefull as they were real proper Motor Cycles prieviously to that catastrphy ) But AutoMoto should be good fun. Ex triumph M/C worker, IE Carver but TOO expensive. Also G MAC 3 wheels. cheers Ivor

  15. Nick Says:

    The Auto moto will be available in australia in the next 2 months, named Manhattan 3. NZ will see it in 6 months once compliance is granted.
    check out

  16. ted Says:

    FYI this bike is a very large reputable brand actually from a Chinese Factory called Xing Yue the original name is the Vogue and the only legit version sold right now is the authorized Canadian Importer Xing Yue Canada basically in a nut shell these guys in USA and Australia called the factory and had the factory OEM the product and then re badged it with their own name and logo. The same for the Australian Company. I think it will be a bit embarrassing to the dealers and the consumer when the real MFG Company who invented and produces this model of trike which is by the way directly based of the Honda Gyro like the other guy said in the first post, comes to USA and then Australia…Who would you buy from? the knock off or the original factory? Remember the Factory has Millions and is backed by the whole City and Govt where they produce it . these guys are just small potatoes compared to them…Lets see who warranties what? and What if the Factory decides to stop selling them what happens then to the Dealers and the Warranty? do they dry up and disappear? these are questions that you guys must ask your selves? Integrity in business is so lacking nowadays any one will sell their soul for a dollar…

    Just a thought

  17. Jim Says:

    TheAutoMoto Corp. Is the Authorised U.S EXCLUSIVE distributor of this model and has been working with the factory hand in hand to develop this and two new models now available for the US market. Dealers are provided with 24 hr online parts support and M-F technical support from our factory authorised technicians. The 2010 model for the US market will reflect the new Auto Moto name on the EPA CARB as well as with the WMI NHTSA data base. Xingyue Canada is really Quadra Tek industries (not the factory FYI) who just decided to keep the original brand name for their market due to their importation of the original Xingyue designs, they are not only caring Xingyue but also Geely making them much different from TheAutoMoto Corp. TheAutoMoto Corp is Fully backed by the factory with warranty and parts support that is available to them by the factory its self and are visited many times a year to ensure the proper representation. By the same token Auto Moto representatives along with the former Consul general of Los Angeles( acting as a liaison) have traveled many times to Xingyue factory facilities to ensure that the proper quality control is being implemented in the construction of The Auto Moto’s. Final products are now available throughout the U.S at many reputable dealerships that include Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda, Vespa, SYM, Kymco and many others. Dealerships that apply with TheAutoMoto Corp are screened to ensure that they meat their many dealer requirements and thus ensuring proper and reputable final dealer locations for the consumer.

  18. ted Says:

    It doesnt look like these guys at Xing Yue Canada sell anything other than the real bike? Check for your self…?

    It seems like the company who holds the Import License and partnership with the factory is Quad Tek and they have out sourced their Sales and Distribution to a company 080 Power Sports Distribution. I have inquired as to where they can sell and they told me that they only sell to the Canadian market place only. and that if I wanted to buy a unit I had to purchase it on Canadian soil and then import it back to the USA if I wanted to personally, they also stated that i had to buy it from a legitimate authorized reputable dealer that they have and that I had to have the bike PDI (Pre Delivery Inspected by a Licensed Mechanic prior to delivery for warranty and Safety purposes. They told me they don’t sell through websites, and offer a 2 year warranty on the products. They said that all of their motor bikes must be inspected and have had extensive safety testing performed on them by Canadian law Standards prior to Import into Canada, they also said that the factory works together on this with them and the factory and Transport Canada forbids any illegal importing of their products into the country of Canada from any other country since they are not Federal tested to pass the Canadian Gov’t standards and inspections under CMVSS reg’s.

    I have inquired about there units as they sell not just this one but other products from the factory as well like power equipment , UTV’s, ATV’s Scooter’s and Motorcycles ranging from 50cc to 800cc they seem to be reasonably priced and they seem to be the real deal. They have stated that they are not just an importer they are an extension of the XING YUE BRAND it self in Canada and that the factory is making it’s moves world wide to set up reputable professional business, just like a Mercedes, or honda or a Ford. Looks like the Chinese motor vehicles are coming and they are starting to take a page out of the N. American auto manufacturers hand book. I give it 2 years and we will see very good serious quality that will rival anything out there at affordable prices.

  19. Stormy Says:

    My son learned to drive on a Honda Gyro at the age of 15. I kept it running and rode it occasionally for 10 years, then sold it to a guy in Florida 5 years ago.

    The new Auto Moto is indeed the Gyro I always wanted. There is a dealer two hours from where I live and I think that I will take a trip to talk to them. Now if it only had an option for a 250 cc engine I would trade in my Scion and call it done!


  20. Scoot-Jude Says:

    I’ve bought one, and since I did it turned out to be a nightmare, the motorcycle shop I went thru to buy it did a bad job of setting up the scooter. I had to go back to contacting auto moto to get a real good shop to transfer my warrenty to. The Scooter Gallery in seattle wa. is the best for knowing about chinese scooters. Alex, the man that runs this store knows his stuff and is quite knowledgeable about all chinese scooters. He’ll tell you that the chinese are making exellent scooters and trash scooters. He himself drives a xingyue just like mine as his daily runner and he only deals in top knotch chinese stuff, I’ll get my scooter fixed when the parts come in from that slow boat from china, but don’t beleive all you read about honda gyros. I own a1985 black gyro s and this scooter is an absolutely hoot ride, as it is like the gyro, but this ride is far more fun, because I can finally do street speeds and it’s got features the gyro has never incorperated in their’s. So for you dome sayers talking s–t about this toy,your not adventurous enough or to scared to take the leap, My suggestion is to try it before you condem it. And like all good things, It’s time to ride again!!!

  21. a miller Says:

    I would like to see your Auto Moto with a 250 engine and biger tires .

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