Sidam’s Xnovo three-wheeler: anybody fancy half a minivan?

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French importers Sidam have signalled their intentions to build yet another type of three-wheel scooter to surf the popularity wave started by the Piaggio MP3, Gilera Fuoco and Vectrix three-wheelers. This time, though, instead of putting the two wheels at the front where they’re actually useful in a traction and stability context, they’ll be at the rear of the vehicle.

The (presumably Chinese-built) Sidam Xnovo will feature two rear wheels, each on a separate independantly suspended swingarm. The design sketches seem to suggest that both rear wheels will be belt driven in the 500cc Piaggio-engined petrol version - although hybrid and fully electric versions are also on the cards, the latter featuring twin electric motors, one in each wheel hub.

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While the MP3 and its twin front wheel brethren offer a dynamic and exciting ride with extra front-wheel traction, huge braking and cornering stability, The Xnovo will probably handle like a horse and carriage. The only benefits I can surmise from this design as an alternative would be a possible ability to handle larger luggage loads than a regular scoot, and the possibility that, because the twin rear wheels don’t have to handle steering duties, they might be cheaper to build than the twin front brigade.

The luggage angle is definately a big part of the concept fot Sidam, with some advance sketches looking almost like a cross between a minivan and a Thai tuk-tuk. All the proposed designs feature a solid roof and windscreen. So while it might not be the most exhilarating ride, the Xnovo does have significant potential as a light, traffic-busting delivery vehicle.

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Moto Caradisiac anticipates a market launch sometime later in 2008, with a projected price of around €8000 for the 500cc. Ouch.

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16 Responses to “Sidam’s Xnovo three-wheeler: anybody fancy half a minivan?”

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  4. Uncle B Says:

    Please make them get 100 mpg+, heat the cabs, top speed of 60mph, put snow tires on them, design them for the 400 series highways in Ontario Canada. What a blast for your daily commute!

  5. Mohammad Says:

    The work is fantastic specialy the size engine shows the selection is technical and practical looking forward to see the trike on world street.

  6. Paul Says:

    I need a model that is street legal in California USA.

  7. Muhammad Asif Cheema Says:

    Please send me your product price list



    Muhammad Asif Cheema

  8. Djalma Neves Says:

    Our company located in Brazil, we are looking to Three wheel motorcycle to dealing in our region. Please send us more information and List prices.

  9. timwoo Says:

    I want one, where can I get a catalog???

  10. Chris Says:

    Waooo! I have a Bennelli Adiva but boot too small for work. I live in Dublin, a terribly congested city. I want one of these!!!

  11. Danny Says:

    ohh yeah..i want one of these…my dream come true,Please send me your product price list



  12. Sheila Primm Says:

    Hello this will be or in looking for a bike that is a trike stlye and again this will be me 1st bike to buy to ride . What size motor does the Moto Caradiasic have in it and the price of one like the yellow one on the web page and what are the chances of it turning over at normal ride. next question is stopped at a light do you have to feet on ground due to it a three wheel vehicle. Where are you all located and Im hard of hearing so can out get larger mirrows on right and left outside so I can see better while driving and passing and turning. my email is extra ? can you put a hitch on it for a small pull trailer on it to do me me shopping with it . Thank you Sheila my home #731 422 3979 andme mailing addy is 519NORT CHURCH ST.,JACKSON,tn> 38301 IF YOU GOT A BOOK ON YOUR STUFF CAN I GET ONE

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  14. Gabriel Padurean Says:

    Please send me your catalog/product price list.


  15. Johnny Says:

    I’m looking for one of these three wheelers . Where can I view a catalog and procedure to purchase .
    I am in South Africa .

  16. mina park Says:

    hello would like to know pricing and availability in california, u.s.a. please send me information of store, price and styles.
    thank you

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