First pics: 2009 Honda CBR600RR (and Combined ABS version)


Honda’s CBR600RR has received a reasonably solid minor update for 2009 after its last major facelift in 2007. The electronic “brake by wire” Combined ABS system has been added as an option (it will become standard on all 250cc+ Hondas in the next few years) and the engine has been revised with new pistons, cylinder heads and exhaust designs contributing to higher levels of midrange torque between 8000-12000rpm, which should be nice for roadriding.

Extra bodywork has been added to cover the exposed clutch and alternator casings on the previous model, which were apparently causing some slight aerodynamics issues in long, high speed racetrack sweepers. The added weight of the new bodywork is offset by weight savings in the engine and exhaust.


Brake calipers are now monoblocks on the front, which will add to the exceptional strength and control offered by the previous units, and there’s a special styling update for 2009, including the “special edition” blue and white ‘urban-inspired’ paint/sticker job on the bike in the top photo, as well as black/green, the white/red/blue tricolore design on the ABS version and a plainer white/red. The special edition looks pretty cool but the black/green’s the one for me:


The Combined ABS version can be distinguished by its brown brake calipers. Pricing and availability have not been announced.




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