Suzuki launches all-new 2009 GSX-R1000


In Paris, the veils have finally come off the 2009 Gixxer thou’ and specs are starting to come through for the Suzuki flagship superbike. The most significant changes for the 09 model appear to be a new, more compact, more powerful and more oversquare engine, a longer swingarm, slightly shorter wheelbase and the much-maligned double trashcan exhausts from 07/08 have been replaced by equally offensive titanium “Horns of Gondor.”


The new engine boasts an increased compression ratio, plus a wider bore and shorter stroke than last year’s - which should lead to a quicker and freer-revving engine, with slightly less rotational inertia than the older model, making it easier to turn. New titanium valves and 12.point injectors round off what should be a significant engine upgrade.

The engine has been made no less than 5.8cm shorter from front to rear, which is quite an achievement, and Suzuki have used the extra space to design an all-new frame, shortening the wheelbase by 1cm and lengthening the arched swingarm, which should lead to increased agility as well as improved suspension performance.


Speaking of suspension, Suzuki have opted for the Showa Big Piston Forks we’re also seeing on the 2009 ZX-6R. Derived from enduro competition, they’re touted as lighter, more responsive and less prone to dive under brakes. The rear shock is fully adjustable with high and low speed compression damping, as well as rebound and preload.

Brakes are radial monoblocs gripping 310mm discs and should be exceptional. In terms of electronics, the GSX-R keeps its multi-map power modes with a slightly revised control system - and there’s an on-board lap timer.

White, black/maroon and traditional blue and white¬† appear to be the launch colours. Pricing and availability is TBA, here’s the Suzuki UK webpage for the 09 GSX-R thou’. Now, it’s over to the aftermarket to sort out a decent exhaust system!









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  5. David Gray Says:

    Whether it was due to European emission restrictions or not… Suzuki took a major leap backwards with the 2007 K7. I went from a K4 to the K7 missing out the awesome k5/k6 model. The K7 was longer, wider, heavier and lost the engine mapping that told you, you were on a Suzuki without even looking down. The huge wave of power from 10mph/ 16kph was gone and replaced by a void. To add insult Suzuki fitted a Mode switch which was redundant. For the first 3 months I returned to the dealer regularly, convinced it was in low power mode but it wasn’t. Now present day and the 2009 k9….. everyone knows Suzuki do not make any major development leaps in less than their 4 year cycles so although I’m sure they’ve realised from the 2007’s negative feedback that things had to change. Forget all the hype you will read about incredible engine upgrades and superior handling and unecessary gadgets like lap-timers… I doubt that anything drastic has been done, THAT will all be saved for the world dominating K11 when it arrives. In the meantime the K9 is just like a woman that is recently single. She’s been on a minor diet, toned up a little, and put on new make up basically just something old that has been made to look new…. there is no technological leap forward, just an failing excercise in limiting the loss of customers to yamaha and honda until 2011. If Suzuki were serious this year then the exhausts would have been made to be more attractive than that…. I’d rather admit to having a STD then owning up to being the designer of those exhausts…

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