The Brudeli 625L: Norway’s three-wheeler dirtbike

Sideways #1

Now here’s some sideways action I’d love to get into! The Brudeli 625L is a three-wheel carver in the style of Piaggio’s MP3, but based on the KTM 625 SMC Supermotard and kitted out for high-speed sideways dirt shenanigans.

It leans into turns like a dirtbike, but the wide stance of the twin front wheels gives it the stability and sideways prowess of a sports quadbike. And with that gutsy KTM single firing it along, there’s no doubt it’s a serious performance machine, entirely suitable for the mentally unstable.

Unique to the three-wheeler category, the Brudeli has a separate footboard assembly that stays level with the ground even as the rest of the bike leans over. Apparently this gives you the ability to push it out sideways like a dirt-track racer as you hook into a corner and spray all onlookers with a shower of sharp stones. Choice!

If my recent experience riding the Piaggio MP3 is any indication, the Brudeli’s independent front Ohlins suspension will do an excellent job on the rough-ish stuff, even if this bike will never be much good for true bush-bashing. You should be able to use the front brakes with some authority even at full tilt, adding to the safety element and delivering some fun new sliding options.


Parking the 625L is as simple as getting off and letting the bike gently tilt down to its 45-degree maximum lean, where it’ll rest until you’re ready for your next set of extravagant donut burnouts.

Sadly the price is about as brutal as the performance - the 625L is made-to-order and priced accordingly at around 20,000 Euros. Brudeli are hoping to get it approved for use on public roads, which would be hysterical fun - with a wider stance and significantly more power than the already-excellent MP3, the 625L would absolutely hammer through the tarmac twisties. Any chance of a ride, lads? See the Brudeli website for some fun videos and plenty of photos.

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  2. john paul Says:

    that bike is beast how much is it to buy …..

  3. Evan Wright Says:

    that is the coolest thing ever! how much is it! stupid question but jumping the bike would be a very dumb thing to do!

  4. not provided Says:

    how much is 20000 euros in americam money?

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