Is your motorcycle a cancer risk?


We bikers are happy to routinely laugh in the face of danger in the form of cars, trucks, gravel-strewn hairpins and our own over-enthusiasm - but are we willing to regularly expose our nether regions to potentially carcinogenic radiation?

Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) Electric and Magnetic Radiation (EMF) is the type of radiation people are worrying about when they hesitate to buy the house that’s right underneath the big power lines. But could motorcyclists be shooting much higher levels of the same radiation right up their bums simply through our choice of transport? And could that exposure be leading to increased risks of prostate and colon cancer?

Randall Chipkar would say yes. We don’t want to get too far into the figures, but here’s the basics: according to the World Heath Organisation, an ELF EMF exposure level of 4 milliGauss (mG) has been shown to double the risk of childhood leukaemia, and an exposure level of 2mG is considered to elevate the risk of cancer. Now, while these are not blockbuster figures like cigarette smoking boasts (increasing cancer risk 30-fold), it shows that science acknowledges that electromagnetic radiation does contribute to an elevated risk of cancer.

Chipkar became concerned when he did a few tests on motorcycles and discovered that the stator coils, battery and electrical wiring that runs directly under the seat of his bike were causing ELF EMF exposure readings of up to 500mG to come up through the seat, subjecting the entire lower intestine, prostate, heart, sex organs, breast tissue and other major organs to reasonably intense doses of this painless but potentially hazardous radiation. For reference, a house under a power line might register in the neighbourhood of 200 mG.

Are Chipkar’s findings enough to act on? That’s up to you. But if you’d think twice about buying a house next to a power station, it’s worth being aware that the area right above your bike seat is exposed to higher levels of ELF EMF than you’d find in such a house.

Naturally, there’s a product involved - Chipkar is selling seats (pictured above) with special shielding material built in - ELF radiation will pass unhindered straight through most metals. He’s also looking to retrofit existing bike seats with the shields.

Science has certainly come to no overwhelming conclusions on whether ELF EMF is harmful or carcinogenic, with good evidence for both sides and a generally fairly low priority in the cancer hazard research list. Many would say that Chipkar is a tin-foil hatter, or merely hoping to profit from riders’ fear of the unknown - but I believe it’s information that riders should be armed with so they can make their own choices.

I’ll cut to the chase and admit a rather personal motivator for this story; two years ago, after about 5 years of obsessive motorcycling, I was diagnosed with testicular cancer and lost one of my favourite toys to the surgeon’s knife. I’ll never know whether electromagnetic radiation contributed to my now sadly lopsided fruitbowl, but it’s certainly food for thought, and Chipkar’s motorcycle cancer website is well worth a read.

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  2. Randall Dale Chipkar Says:

    Is your motorcycle a cancer risk?

    It is great to find an intelligent editor. The motorcycle cancer article above is informative and to the point.

    It is appalling to find so many motorcycle cancer jokes on some of the other rider sites. Epidemiology will only initiate through rider concern. The motorcyclecancer site was built for rider awareness. Responsible rider discussion can lead to health correlations that provide further insight.

    To share your personal issues with us reveals a new kind of courage. More and more riders are beginning to speak out.

    Thank you for your courage and posting of this emerging health concern. We hope that one day all riders will join us in this biker safety quest.

    Randall Dale Chipkar

  3. anonymous Says:

    The link below is worth a look:

  4. Randall Dale Chipkar Says:

    Is your motorcycle a cancer risk?

    Now more than ever we need to think outside the box.

    On the updated motorcycle cancer site there are unbiased scientific non-profit organizations revealing new evidence regarding both ELF EMF and EMR danger. As explained on the motorcycle cancer site, notoriously penetrating ELF EMF’s could be even more detrimental to biological tissue than higher frequency EMR.

    Emerging stories are providing further insight.

    Randall Dale Chipkar

  5. Randall Dale Chipkar Says:

    Motorcycle Cancer

    This motorcycle cancer issue is right out of the starting gates. Denial and resistive recognition is sure to be on the doorstep. Anyone can follow a crowd. What’s important is standing up for truth within your heart. The motorcycle cancer site is self-explanatory.

    As explained in The Motorcycle Cancer Book, ELF EMFs may narrowly escape direct carcinogen classification due to their accomplice role of promoting carcinogenesis through indirect biological chain reactions.

    People should not have to gamble with their health because they love riding motorcycles. This information can only enhance the motorcycle industry for a safer vehicle.

    “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” – Arthur Schopenhauer

    Randall Dale Chipkar

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